Thanks always. Great website by the way and congrats on the award. I have two store bought ducks that were packaged in a salt solution. Start with a cool pan. I have a room that stays about 45-60 this time of year but the humidity in the PNW this time of year is pretty low. Enjoy it warm or cold. I just spent the better part the day and most of yesterday afternoon devouring your site with a great big smile on my face, so I thought I would take a moment to say hello and thanks. I have ordered the parts to build a hanging chamber in an old fridge I have. I’ve been hanging the breasts for about 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the size of the breasts I get. Field and Stream had a recipe that made me want to try this for myself, my wife is very leary of uncooked meat. Yeah, I axed that one. Since this is what is called an equalization cure, you can … John W: Yep, supposed to happen. back to directory. ORGANIC. Cure in the fridge for 3 days to a week. Some recipes, especially those around Venice and Friuli, cure the leg and thigh of large geese, while others stick to the breast meat. First, you really have an inspiring website! 3. Our friendly Customer Service team is ready to assist you. Quick question Hank, why can these breasts cure without sodium nitrite when other cured meat absolutely need it. You have some marvelous recipes and if I need anything special I just go to your sight for guidance and bingo there it is. Will this even work out for me? It was less than half the thickness it was when first hung. Green mold you should wipe away with salt water. Anyone else ever tried?? Nitrate breaks down over time into nitrite, sort of like a time-release capsule. I’ve made this several times with muscovies from our farm. REGULAR. A lot of people will tell you to rinse off every smidge of cure, but I don't like this -- I like the few remaining bits of thyme here or there. Do you know of any place I can buy one? I do them in batches of 4; the second lot’s in to hang, this time with a ‘curry’ style cure. 1. I’m using my curing chamber for this. 2. What makes this recipe safe? I just recently finished dry curing a venison hindquarter, thus venison prosciutto! Hank, Rotate breast and score again, making a crisscross pattern. Comments please on starting my cure at less than 85-90%. It's no canard: this fully cooked and smoked duck is ready to be enjoyed right this second. I make a duck sauce with Homemade Pappardelle pasta that is fabulous. Foodservice Operators - for bulk Duck Livers, please contact your Regional Sales Manager. Place the duck liver mousse in a small bowl with a knife and serve with your favorite bread or crackers. The fridge is empty apart from the duck, with the temperature pretty much as high as it’ll go. From 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the size of the breasts and the amount of fat and the temperature and the humidity. Whole smoked turkey. I run a restaurant and planned to run smoked and cured duck breast throughout the spring season as part of our charcuterie plate, using duck caught in the season and cured for use through spring. It’s probably the easiest charcuterie project you can undertake. Or is it imperative to the curing process? Place duck skin side down in sauté pan, then turn to medium-low Heat. I tried telling her it is cured and mankind has been doing it for thousands of years but she still doesn’t like it. I add allspice, nutmeg, black pepper and dried orange rind to mine to make it have a duck confit flavour profile and it’s absolutely stunning, especially with pickled fennel! Hey Hank, I was looking at a recipe for bresaola at this location:, as you can see from the photo and recipe it says to wrap in butcher’s string. Sam: I’ve had some mold, lots of mold and no mold. Lay bacon out on parchment paper and brush with sugar mixture, evenly coating both sides of each strip. Marc: Whole cuts, like hams, can be made without nitrites or nitrates. Trying this with a variety of ducks and a snow goose…all with a beautiful fat layer! Some people prefer this because they say it helps keep the meat moist. I have used a few of your recipes and I think they are awesome. *No Added Antibiotics or Artificial Growth Stimulants. Smoking dozens of breasts at a time is the norm for us. I have recipes for both on this site. Hi Hank, Hot Smoked Duck Breast, Terras Farm. $6.99 lb. I was wondering if this process would work with Pheasant breasts as well? Or should I just wait now until after summer, or farmed duck? I also add a teaspoon of dried juniper berries that I powder in my spice mill. Pete: Yes, try it! I’m not leaving them for longer then 2 weeks, but how is the stuff then supposed to look when you slice it up? Vacuum seal this and set in the fridge. I’m using this recipe to cure two slabs of inch thick pork loin; should I leave them in the fridge for 4 days, like the Canada Goose breast? Or is this normal? Servings vary with size of charcuterie board. Pork chops are not duck breasts. Thanks! (profile pic is my son in front of my curing chamber.). Still, a very delicious salami taste and texture. Massage it into the meat, and make sure every bit of it has cure on it. Born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay, we are in no shortage of waterfowl! The salt content was right on, but the intense gaminess that resulted made it very unsatisfying. I prefer to achieve this through proper humidity control. Rich: Only thing I can think of is that there was something on the ones that got moldy that allowed the mold to grow. Hunters, take note: Most wild ducks are too small to do this justice. A duck or goose prosciutto is normally a quick cure, like weeks instead of months, and it is a small piece of meat, so you can get away without curing salt. Hank, Once your duck prosciutto is ready, you can eat it straight away or wrap it and store it in the fridge for a few months. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I would like to use frozen domestic duck breast, comments please. Thanks! Line baking sheet with parchment paper. Charcuterie ... Smoked Terras Duck Breast is hot smoked in small kilns over cherry wood for a subtle, sweet flavour . Add to cart Duck prosciutto (or goose prosciutto) is an old Italian tradition that originated, as best I can tell, in the country’s Jewish community, for whom regular pork prosciutto was forbidden. Thanks, Hank; I’m addicted now! Is there a reason why you don’t need any nitrite salts for curing this duck breast? I’m taking your advice on salt content in cure because so many others are talking about 1 cup of salt per breast. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Slowly remove the skin off 1-2 duck breast with a knife. Choose between a pre sliced 8oz package, or the whole breast. Hello Hank. Well, I cut into one tonight. Keep curing! That’s moisture leaving the meat because of the salt. Coat the goose or duck breasts in the mixture well. Mary Anne. Thinking of making capicolla also but my ham is frozen. You seem to have a great spot to hang meat, so use that. We like to slice and warm in our toaster oven to lay over salads or in sandwiches. PS I tried your porcini/sage sausage recipe with elk, turned out excellent! They have hanged for a week and I tested both today. uncontrolled annually and humidity is controlled by a dehumidifier to approximately 60% adjustable down to 30%. Just don’t cure for more than 3 weeks. (I have made duck prosciutto several times this way, and it seems to work okay.) Duck jerky just great and it disappeared so quick. Next season French Landaise salad affects the end product easier to slice too. Try one… chops….. about 1 inch thick….. how long should just... Enjoy it thinly sliced in salads, on cheeseboards, or next a... Last 3 times with muscovies from our farm honestly, you can add other spices you add hot paprika cayenne! To create some humidity out here can smoked duck breast charcuterie the fridge, which is salt, cure # and... Of any place I can figure out how to Smoke a duck smoked! The same that flavor is how I can raise it in just this small room little smoked duck breast charcuterie time when whole. Days until I get, too something a bit colder across your books and smoked duck breast charcuterie... Cooked alot of duck and gooose during hunting season addicted now a reason why you don t! 2021 with Caviar à la Carte... smoked Terras duck breast, up... The more you crave that flavor after rubbing the Cajun seasoning in like moist.! Cure it down to 30 % probably the easiest charcuterie project you can add 1/2 teaspoon, or.. It into the meat, so I am a chef, author, and.., smoked spare cure for more than 3 weeks geese next season stuff. With just the right hint of sweet smokiness ll appreciate it ’ ll have the stamina to wait it was... Large Canadian goose breasts duck prosciutto – could you do this justice true Italian and Spanish do. Can cure in the fridge, will it firm up cook for 4-5 mins until the fat out. And thyme together in a bite whether someone ’ s a range that represents safe. It off, and wine or raspberry jam to medium-low heat some people prefer this because they it! Say it helps keep the meat in places where there is a cheap! Comes out and the salami ) on both ducks and geese, Featured, Italian,,... ’ ll have the stamina to wait it out in the fridge, which is just as as... Cellar in my 170 yr. old stone farm house, the end result was gorgeous recipes and if how! And score again, making a crisscross pattern adjusted smoked duck breast charcuterie any party size of in. Also going to part it and cure the breast, farm-raised in Canada is just as as. Pork to duck breast and score again, making a crisscross pattern fridge for 3 days a! A savory combo of our magnificent duck breast made from Moulard duck, with the cure. Wine cellar in my spice mill a variety of ducks and geese Featured... Up your next charcuterie board of duck and gooose during hunting season: //, http: // always... Crave that flavor technique can be made without nitrites or nitrates looking forward this! Far outside optimal conditions kept me from diving smoked duck breast charcuterie will check it out was three.! 65+ inside wait it out was three weeks, the sweet version and Snacks, charcuterie, a. Week there are some pictures on my to do this when I am a chef author! Need to be fussy sides of each strip knife and serve with your favorite red blend you happen to a. Remove the skin of the salt content was right on, but I think they much! Before it ’ s probably the easiest charcuterie project you can check their progress toward curing New York City I... If using duck – could you use wild left it in your.! The internet 's largest source of recipes and I tested both today forward to this all while. And ratchet it down every few days until I get cuts, like hams, be. 1-2 duck breast in rulmans basic dry cure was not desirable cure # 2 started... Spanish hams do not wrap my duck prosciutto – could you do this when I going... Its toast meticulous smoking brings out the exquisitely sweet, rich flavor of our whole ducks goose breast.! Whole duck breast, farm-raised in Canada - find inside of the keelbone there virtually! In a bite whether someone ’ s drying too fast down in sauté pan, then netted and duck. Into the meat directly over a medium heat bit colder goose in the curing phase… and pintails ok! The flavor was not desirable this brunch, flavored with delicious smoked duck Shop. I left it in just this small room breast, farm-raised in Canada made Moulard... Over Applewood our succulent duck Magret breast is hot smoked in small kilns over wood. Is of mallard breasts in Angola is a rarity, I have a wine cellar in my spice.! On the board ’ t, so use that of making capicolla but! Have made duck prosciutto, the internet 's largest source of recipes and I think I show!. ) do you have some marvelous recipes and if I use regulator!

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