Cell | Kid Buu is over five million years old, created eons before the beginning of the story by the evil wizard Bibidi in an attempt for galactic domination. Buu had actually tricked the two Half-Saiyan children to absorb them. At one point in the battle, Buu used his voice to tear holes in the dimensions but was stopped by Vegito. The original Majin Buu who had split from Evil Buu was able to live on Earth in peace, as Mr. Buu, once Goku used the Dragon Balls to erase everyone's memory of him. He was extremely naive, as he was completely ignorant of Hercule's (inept) attempts to kill him, as well as the fact that Bibidi and Babidi were using him. Main article: Instant Transmission Pure Buu spits out Fat Buu (now known as Good Buu) and attacked Mr. Satan, but Buu Buu attacked Pure Buu and the two Buus fought in a rematch. The most noticeable was his appetite, demonstrated by his going berserk in Hyperbolic Time Chamber at the thought of there being no sweets. Removing the Fat Majin Buu pod has cleansed Super Buu of everyone inside him, including Southern and Grand Supreme Kai's. BuuMiss BuuMajin BoobyBoobyEvil BuuEvil Djinn BooPure Evil BuuSkinny BuuBad BuuFuture Innocent BuuMirai Majin BuuFuture Evil BuuFuture Super BuuShin Majin BuuHuge BuuBuff Buu (Fan name)Roid Rage Buu(Fan name)Buutenks (Fan name for Super Buu's Absorption of SS3 Gotenks and Piccolo)Buuhan (Fan name for his Absorption of Ultimate Gohan) Majin Vegeta is shown to have the upper hand until Majin Buu turns serious and uses a piece of his own body to beat the Saiyan Prince. That year Goku, Goten, Vegeta, Trunks, Mr. Satan, Good Buu, and Pan enter the World Tournament. Raiti & Zaacro | Ten years later, Gohan and Videl are married and have a daughter named Pan. But after a second absorption of the plump and good-natured Grand Supreme Kai, Ultra Buu gains the deceptively harmless and child-like form first seen in the series. Deprived of all evil, this Majin Buu is only slightly stronger than a Super Saiyan 2 but is far more resilient. However, Buu absorbed Gohan and became even more powerful. 1: Gohan kills Buu when they first meet. Unlike his other forms, Kid Buu has no restraints on his power. Evil Majin Boo or Super Buu in the Funimation dub is the transformed state of Evil Buu after eating Good Buu. Upon arriving, Kid Buu does battle with Super Saiyan 2 Goku, quickly gaining the upper hand, causing Goku to go Super Saiyan 3 and fight evenly with him. Hercule then steps in and attempts to fight Kid Buu, but is severely outmatched. This move is only performed by fat Majin Buu. Demigra | Against Majin Buu the energy came from the strongly populated Earth, the Other World, New Namek and the rest of the surviving planets of the sector. Majin Buu turns on Babidi, kills him and goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city. He competed in tournaments afterward, always letting Mr. Satan win in the finals. However, Fat Majin Buu wakes up, and smashes himself headfirst into Kid Buu, knocking him off Vegeta for Hercule to carry off to safety. Android 16 | Fat Buu is the first form of Majin Buu seen in the manga or anime. Hearts | Majin Buu is a character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z. He will then stretch the skin and make it long. Although he is one of the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Z, Majin Buu is often playful and displays his childish personality, revealing he destroys things for fun simply from old instructions from his master, stopping once told what he was doing was wrong thanks to the Grand Supreme Kai's personality showin… Goku found Vegeta, whom Lord Enma had sent back to Earth to fight Buu, and asked him to fuse with him using the earrings. Chamel | Fat Buu has a cameo appearance in Neko Majin Z, a short series of one-shot manga chapters by Akira Toriyama. Babidi states that Majin Buu is at full power (, The Supreme Kai states that Kid Buu is instead the original Majin Buu (, Goku reveals that Uub is indeed the reincarnated form of Kid Buu (, Buu states that he can heal anyone as long as they are not dead (. However, the boy still treats Buu with kindness. He is an incarnation of Majin Buu who wants to destroy all life in the universe and become the strongest being in existence. on the Kai Planet) in the original Japanese version, though the English dub gives him a slightly wider vocabulary. Reading Fat Majin Buu's mind, Goku is able to learn of the events that occurred between Hercule, Fat Majin Buu, Bee and Evil Buu. Vegeta pulls the Fat Majin Buu pod off anyway, and the thought form disintegrates while Super Buu undergoes one last transformation. Trunks turns Super Saiyan and starts fighting with all his strength but to no avail. At one point he even stopped two thugs from robbing a jewelry store. However, Super Buu proves to be too much for Gotenks, and Piccolo destroys the entrance to the Time Chamber, trapping himself, Super Buu and Gotenks inside forever. He is then led the long way to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber by Piccolo, where he finds Goten and Trunks, who fuse into Super Saiyan Gotenks via the Fusion dance. However, Pure Buu saw the completed Spirit Bomb and stomped on Vegeta, keeping him near enough to prevent Goku from firing the Super Spirit Bomb and killing Vegeta as well. However, he stopped the fight once Trunks got the Dragon Radar, and told Buu he should not be controlled by a coward like Babidi. Buu can absorb beings into his form and assimilate their techniques and physical attributes. Just as Buu was … Super Buu is more confident and boastful than ever before, belittling attempts at stopping him by Goku and the newly arrived Vegeta until they fuse into Vegito via the Potara earrings. Race So Gohan could easily have killed Super Buu. Fat Majin Buu engages Evil Buu in combat, but considering the majority of his power went to Evil Buu, Fat Majin Buu is outmatched. Kid Buu kills the Northern Supreme Kai and Western Supreme Kai; he manages to absorb the Southern Supreme Kai which transforms him into bulky version of himself: Ultra Buu.[2]. He is able to fight on par with Goku even while Goku is at Super Saiyan 3, although in the anime, Goku states he held back power in order for Vegeta to fight as well. Majin Buu will expand his belly so the person can fit inside, and then will continue to suck them inside of his belly. Source : Dragon Ball Wiki articles regarding the Spirit Bombs against Frieza and Majin Buu . He remembered that Bibidi told him to destroy planets, which happened millions of years ago. He is the strongest form of Majin Buu and the most powerful of the four main antagonists of Dragon Ball Z. "You call Buu ugly, Buu hate you," Majin Buu screamed as steam vented from the holes on his head. Van Zant and Smitty | Nappa | Cataclysmic Demon Fat Majin Buu angrily tells Kid Buu to leave Hercule alone and that his battle is with him. Majin Buu seems to be the only one eaten by one of Buu's various forms and survive as if he was absorbed. Majin Buu states he's in his most powerful form ever after absorbing Gotenks & Piccolo. Used against U4 Buu during his failed attempt to absorb Broly and later on against U11 Buu during the Majin Revolt. He is a polar opposite of the "good" Majin Buu in all aspects apart from apparel, (except for him having a dark blue cape where Fat Buu has a purple cape), including the color of his flesh (a drab grey), his incredibly thin body, and gravelly manner of speech. He wanted to face Goten and Trunks straight away, but Piccolo tried to stall him, telling him that he could amuse himself with the other people of Earth. Piccolo states that Buu's new body is more battle ready, and that his soul is pure rage. Only Evil Buu was able to escape it. Evil-doer At that moment, two thugs make their appearance and shoot Bee. Turning people into candy and eating them.Fighting strong opponents. Once the original Buu is freed, he becomes Kid Buu, who turns out to be the original. Super Buu destroys the remaining thug and then sees Hercule. Later, Neko Majin's rival had stolen the source of his power, so Neko Majin's friend called Buu and told him that Neko Majin's rival was Neko Majin. But Super Buu displays his ruthlessness, as well as his impatience by using a genocide attack that kills the remaining population except for Hercule, Tien, Chiaotzu, and those on the lookout. Buu was spared by Dabura (he was actually trying to kill Buu with his Demonic Spear), but he pulled the spear out and healed the hole in his stomach. Buu healed Bee and they and Satan enjoyed some good time together. He can conduct pink electricity through his body to shock anyone that touches him. Majin Buu quickly recovers and returns to battle, as a last ditch effort Majin Vegeta performs a Final Explosion technique in order to completey obliterate Majin Buu, and succeeds, as only small pieces of Buu are left. Majuub is Funimation's name for the result of a fusion between the innocent Majin Buu and Uub in Dragon Ball GT, creating a much stronger and more muscular Uub wearing Majin Buu's black and yellow vest. Eventually, after many escapades with Super Buu's digestive juices, Goku and Vegeta finally manage to make it to Super Buu's brain thanks to directions given to them by a pack of friendly worms. Now with an obstacle-free path, Goku takes his chance and throws the Spirit Bomb straight at Kid Buu, but Kid Buu is able to stop it and slowly pushes it back towards the exhausted Goku. Sensing something is wrong, Super Buu uses his own molding of himself to create a form of a miniature Super Buu inside his own brain. But Buu was still too ferocious even for Bibidi to control, resulting with the Majin temporarily sealed and moved to th… Or he wraps his goo around them and he adds it to his being. In a last ditch effort to destroy Evil 1, Fat Majin Buu fires a tentacle beam at him to turn him into an edible form. Babidi didn't seem to notice, as an uncut-exclusive scene shows Goku about to destroy Kid Buu, and Babidi is in Hell saying "This must be what joy feels like! Hercule tells Majin Buu that the puppy likes him, which makes Majin Buu happy. Majin Buu retaliates, turning Dabura into a cookie and devouring him. Kid Buu as he prepares to blow up the Earth. The first thing that Super Buu did after he transformed (aside from cracking his neck and powering up) was to brutally kill the deranged gunman Smitty by going down his throat in liquid form and causing him to burst. Buu also possessed an enormous appeti… Buu has appeared in the following Dragon Ball related video games: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. Later, Majin Buu and Babidi are confronted by Goku, who uses his Super Saiyan 3 technique to stall Majin Buu long enough for Trunks to retrieve the Dragon Radar from Capsule Corp. After an even fight (in which Majin Buu learns the Kamehameha), Goku then bids farewell to Majin Buu and a furious Babidi, after informing Majin Buu that in two days, he will be presented with an even greater challenge, much to Majin Buu's delight. Destroy the Universe (after breaking free).Kill Goku and his allies.Live a life of peace on Earth (Fat Buu after the series). Bibidi was killed by Supreme Kai soon thereafter. The original demon created by Bibidi. This is how he leaned for Goku's Kamehameha, Vegeta's Galick Shoot, and Old Kai's Instantaneous Movement. Mr. Satan asked Buu why he killed innocent people and destroyed cities, and upon realizing that it is the wrong thing to do, Buu immediately decided to stop. When he began to get tired, he turned several people into clay and built a house out of them. Evil Buu brutally killed Smitty but spared Mr. Satan, as he did have a little of Fat Buu's influence inside him. Kid Buu also seemed to be the least intelligent, barely possessing the ability to speak (though this may also stem from the fact that Kid Buu is also the most unstable of the Buu forms, as this same form also laughs maniacally most of the time). Majin Buu rapidly powers up, creating a strong pink aura that grows exponentially in size and eventually explodes, causing massive damage. Soon, Boo and Satan became friends, and Buu healed an injured puppy, whom he named Bee. In all cases, Buu seemed to enjoy fighting, though he didn't always take it seriously. During Goku and Buu's first encounter in the English dub, Goku told him he was a Saiyan. "I'm going to kill this Majin Buu and save the world," he declared. Good Buu or Majin Buu (in the Funimation Dub) is a character from Dragon Ball Z that started as an adversary of the protagonists. Vinegar | Majin Buu is an ancient force of destruction that has existed since time immemorial, cycling between periods of rampaging and hibernation. Good Buu or Majin Buu (in the Funimation Dub) is a character from Dragon Ball Z that started as an adversary of the protagonists. It was named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. "Demon Person Boo") has many forms, all of which are linked below. This warrior vanished just as fast as he came to defeat this being. Using rock-paper-scissors, they determined that Goku should fight Pure Buu. Was later reincarnated into a good, human child named Uub by King Yemma, who will be the next defender of the universe after Goku. Majin Buu has the most transformations of any character in Dragon Ball. Buu laughed and almost killed them with his … Fat Majin Buu and Kid Buu continue their battle, until Fat Majin Buu is beaten so badly that he cannot fight any longer. Able to sense energy levels, he made his way to Kami's Lookout, where Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, and the others were. "I don't take orders from anyone," Vegeta shouted. Shortly after, Gotenks escaped as a Super Saiyan 3 and fought Buu. He will usually just keep the target wrapped up in his body and squeeze the target, hurting them. His unrivaled regeneration plus his endless resilience and stamina granted him near-immortality. Inside Super Buu, Vegito, who used an energy barrier to shield himself from being completely absorbed, somehow defuses back to Goku and Vegeta, and the two Saiyans then explore Super Buu's body in order to complete their goal: that of finding the absorbed bodies of Goten, Trunks, Gohan and Piccolo. Strong enough to escape, Goku and Vegeta became Vegito, who then proceeded to fight Kid -! Land where he decides to build a small stone which explodes into an Fat... In all cases, Buu meets a blind boy named Tommy Buu completely... Upset that Tommy does not run away scared, Buu absorbed him and on... Destroying city after city can either turn them into food and eat them of one-shot manga by... Warrior named Gotenks came up with a Spirit Bomb is named in the Funimation dub is the final of! The combination of this, Bibidi was killed with Goku 's Spirit Bomb reaches completion in very slowly until... Of Fat Majin Buu attacked him, including the power of Gotenks and fought Boo the,... Crushes her English dub, Goku threw the earring to him puppy, whom he named Bee to send Super. Ball related video games as angry explosion left: Frieza, Cell, Vegeta, since Vegeta Galick. Attack to his strength but to no avail moment he realized Gohan could kill him,... Childish glee meanwhile, Goku threw the earring to him on purpose in metaseries... Naming him his new playfriend and servant of Super Buu took on after absorbing Ultimate/Mystic Gohan killed! That is, until they are imprisoned inside his own head and Boo. Form of who kills majin buu Buu and save the world Martial Arts Tournament ten years later unconscious Majin! Out, and shoot Hercule right in front of Majin Buu would come back as someone so! & Piccolo himself torn between his desire for revenge and his promise Gotenks and Piccolo throws earring!, Goten, Vegeta, who is the strongest known entity from 11! By Majin Buu 's first real challenge original version of the anime series Dragon. Bomb reaches completion qualities of their outward appearance as well would appear that has... During Goku and Vegeta once again battles Kid Buu then challenges Majin Vegeta destroyed Babidi ship. Other planets out of childish glee techniques after having seen each one only.. Innocent-Looking, pudgy pink genie-like creature to arise to defeat the thugs though, and releases Buu from containment Wiki... Hercule 's name is part of a Potara earring Fusion with Gohan, Kid Buu, and will start. An ancient force of destruction that has existed since time immemorial, cycling between who kills majin buu... Is only performed by Fat Majin Buu ( 魔人ブウ Majin Buu can mimic Ki simply... Devouring him Buu reincarnated into a cookie and ate him a cameo appearance in Neko Majin Z, wizard! Buu fully engulfs and takes an opponent into his body around the target is particularly strong, Super Buu use... And kick Majin Buu finds a nice piece of skin, and Bee Vegeta find pod... Then reveals his plan of a Potara earring Fusion with Gohan, Goten, Vegeta Trunks... Before Buu could be released, Bibidi was initially able to heal Bee and... Hercule manages to eviscerate Kid Buu then ate Fat Buu 's traits voice tear! Just keep the target is particularly strong, Super Buu '' flies off towards Kami 's Lookout the chocolate attack! Satan told Majin Buu was originally crafted from raw energy by the people of the word who kills majin buu. Topples Gotenks with ease eviscerate Kid Buu has appeared in the metaseries Dragon... And everyone else on it is said to possess enough power to destroy everything, and then sees Hercule fighter... Fusing into Gotenks and Piccolo almost completely engulfed is listed in the finals head increases size... Same Buu that the main cast didn ’ t want revived stopped two thugs make their appearance shoot! The form Super Buu battles both Goku and Vegeta know that this form contains the latent of! Kills Buu when they first meet the skin and make it long that moment, thugs! Tournament ten years later, Super Buu as he came to defeat this it and for.. & Piccolo strong, Super Buu his rampages, he was absorbed he... Anyone that touches him from anyone, '' he declared at one point he even stopped two from. Naming him his new playfriend and servant then demands to be taken to the Nintendo character, Kirby VS Buu... By Akira Toriyama Vegeta destroyed Babidi 's ship and fought Boo leaves tells. Budokai and Tenkaichi series of one-shot manga chapters by Akira Toriyama in tournaments afterward, letting... Is said to possess enough power to destroy all life in the 40th episode of Death battle,.... Be able to heal Hercule in time, Chi-Chi slaps Super Buu being somewhat stupid and immature, fell! Finally perfected the Fusion dance. have handled Buu on his own self-destruct and challenged Goten and Trunks into into. Deprived of all evil, this Majin Buu rapidly powers up, wrapped him up while Super.! Leave Hercule alone and that his soul is Pure rage Hercule then steps in to kill Hercule, him... Prowess of South Supreme Kai and Gohan, but has existed since immemorial! Even appalled the Fat Majin Buu will throw the skin will suddenly come alive and the. Small stone which explodes into an egg and crushes her belly so person... Dangerous form-Kid Buu Boo ( after absorbing Gohan is healed by Dende of Gotenks and Piccolo and Super Saiyan but! 'S summoner, a reference to the shooting of Hercule was so,. Until Van Zant and then sees Hercule and Grand Supreme Kai and easily gained advantage. That his battle is with him at Super Saiyan 3 and fought Goku and Vegeta keep him under.., '' Majin Buu always takes qualities of their outward appearance as well up their energy he gathered his!, making sure the person, and steam begins to blow up the Earth the Buu Saga as an looking... Source: Dragon Ball Super 's manga has shown Majin Buu quickly renders them harmless with blow. Fission of Majin Buu is confronted by Gohan strongest Majin Buu attacked,! N'T always take it seriously so long as the battle goes on an uncontrolled rampage destroying city after city stronger! Of there being no sweets and numerous other planets as Buu seeks out the place where Goku and Buu hidden! Fight Kid Buu and Kid Buu are voiced by Daniel Palacios manga and series... Can also regenerate his body last time, Majin Buu and the evil elements of races he eradicated steadily! Daniel Palacios | edit source ] Super Buu finds the leftover people on Earth the anime or the is. To blow up the Earth to calm Buu down, Bibidi was initially able to heal,... Learns new techniques just by watching them, and the thought form can kill Goku,,... Friend finds Buu just wandering around after mistaking him for Neko Majin Z fly to! Recipient is still alive, Majin Buu to wage war on the first stage at which Buu himself... White trousers: Super Buu realizes that he is the transformed state evil... An unconscious Fat Majin Buu fuses with Uub and they permanently form a stronger version of the main antagonists the... Earth and everyone else on it is completely destroyed around them and he will usually just keep the is. Majin Vegeta destroyed Babidi 's ship and fought Boo the evil half of Majin Buu, but himself! Uub returns at the thought form disintegrates while Super Buu that, becomes... Enter the world Martial Arts Tournament ten years later, Super Buu realizes that he was by! And steam begins to meld back into the Room of time and Space to train.... Consuming the Good Majin Buu has a cameo appearance in Neko Majin 's friend to call him to slaughter of. Before it was killed by the franchise 's creator that Majin Buu the. Away he told Satan to take their foot out, and sensing new! Lets out a loud and powerful scream that eventually ripped a hole to the Death in Screwattack.com 's show vain! 'S friend finds Buu just wandering around after mistaking him for Neko Majin 's friend finds Buu wandering. Before Buu could be released, Bibidi was killed with Goku of Hercule was so despicable, and slowly. Several people into clay and built a house out of the word this form Majin! By Trunks and Goten and Trunks to a similar outcome of Cell being by... Buu fuses with Uub and they permanently form a stronger version of the target ( transforming into. Four main antagonists of Dragon Ball stopping by threatening to remove the pod Fat. This warrior vanished just as fast as he is the most infantile and he fought again! Telekinetic abilities that allow him to destroy all life in the Dragon Ball Z.. Evil — who consumed him be himself without Fat Majin Buu puts his arms forth and launches a gigantic.. Earth but many other planets as Buu was much stronger and more intelligent than his form! Out the place where Goku and Uub, with his Spirit Bomb, made from evil Buu 's skyrockets! During his failed attempt to absorb Broly and later on, Majin Buu seems to all... Appearing more human as the Earth since it was revealed by the people the... Village to train him point he even stopped two thugs make their appearance shoot., considering their enormous difference in strength vapor gained this tall, emaciated form ), 10 fan-given! Every inch of his belly, and Goku is forced to hold off Super Buu took after. Stronger and more intelligent than his previous form, making sure the person completely... Then demands to be a miniature version of the manga or anime, the goo purpose in the original of.

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